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The mystery of the name

The mystery of the name

Does a name have characteristics that inevitably become inherent in the one who wears it? Can a name influence the life and fate of its bearer or does it all depend on upbringing? The answers to this question can be very different, but one thing is certain: each of us has met people in our lives, about whom they said: "How her name does not suit her! Well, what is Olya? She is Zhenya!" This is natural, since each name necessarily has some signs that are known and meaningful to everyone. As already mentioned, the baby identifies himself with his name. Realizing that he is Valera, Kolya or Tolya, he also adopts the characteristics that are associated with this name.

National characteristic
The name is directly related to nationality. Receiving the name of his people, the child involuntarily begins to classify himself as part of his history and character. On the other hand, there are also international names that give the baby great freedom in national self-determination. They have some unifying meaning, that is, it is easier for a person with such a name to feel like a "citizen of the world."

Historical roots
Each name has its own social image and character. Learning the history of mankind and his country, reading novels and textbooks, the child involuntarily pays attention to the namesake. What were they like? What have you done? How are they remembered by descendants? He meets in them those features that are inherent or desirable to him, and thus, as it were, receives support from the past: "Yes, you can be like that!" (For example, a bold, a great wise, resourceful, valid.)

Each name means something. For convenience, mankind has abandoned the uniqueness of the first names "Sharp Eye", "Morning Dawn"). However, all our names came from words that have their own meaning. Some of them have lost their direct connection with the original meaning. For example, without reading in the reference book that Alexei is a "defender" and Peter is a "stone", you will hardly guess about it. Some names, on the contrary, mean exactly what it means - Vera, Victoria, Light.

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