Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Importance of Names

Name is the main word of life

The name of a person is the magic formula of his fate.
It largely determines a person's life ...

People always turned to the saints to help them choose the best fan of names for the newborn. The name appears in a person's life as the bearer of a certain sacred sacred formula representing the person himself. Since ancient times, the name for a person has been of great humanitarian value. Any name is the key to the distinction that a person can receive in life as a result of their activities. The name is the key to the innermost threads of his destiny.

There is an insistent call from many traditions to ensure that each person has more than one name. In various myths, it is reported that knowledge of the name is knowledge of the fate of any creature, up to a being of divine origin.

The name we now bear is three-part: the first name is personal, the second member of the name is the patronymic, a fragment of the generic name, the third member of the name is the surname, the clan name. This clan name usually had totems, or trees, or the names of the area, it was a reflection of where, how, how a person lived, what was associated with his family. The surname binds a person to space and community. Look carefully what kind of program your surnames give, derived from names, from animals, from some properties or qualities, from objects, from a profession. This is also a program that needs to be worked out.

A surname is a name that passes from genus to genus and determines a certain generic affiliation and a super task that a person can realise. The patronymic concerns you personally, your generic program, while the surname is a kind of accumulated karmic program that you may or may not correspond to. The surname also presupposes inclusion in the grandiose social world events and the role that a person plays in these events. The prevalence of surnames has a huge impact on society as a whole. The more common the surname, the less likely it is for that surname to gain charisma.

Any person bears his family name, its trace, seal: men - the name of their father, and women - their mother. But as soon as a woman is married, she must support her husband's surname and program. You can change the surname, the person is not as responsible for the surname as for his own name.

Even if a person changes his patronymic, his trace still remains. Even if the child does not know his true patronymic, it exists in him and acts. Patronymic is the greatest given, the greatest fatality that is in the names. As soon as the father's name in our tradition became a patronymic, the alienation of children from their parents began and the problem of fathers and children appeared. The patronymic also does not depend on the person - through the patronymic, family problems are imposed on life. They ask a person only for his name.

Nicknames, diminutive names, different transcriptions of names - this is disguise and mimicry that help to adapt, give various forms and possibilities of choice. The more various transcriptions and variants follow from the name, the more flexible and multidimensional it becomes. The fewer derivatives you can think of for a name, the more monolithic this name is, the more fatal program it carries, the less multifaceted it is.

It is very important how common your name was at the time of your birth. Common, stereotypical names allow a person to advance only with the support of the team. People with rare names can advance not because of, but in spite of the environment. They just win on the opposition, on the opposition to society. These people should not blend in with the crowd. Conversely, people with common names must walk in the public stream, then they will be able to advance. It happens that a person's name was rare for some time, and then it became common. They start not to notice such a person.

The name, like a sponge, absorbs the reflection of all its outstanding carriers. The name can act as a magnet or catcher of events associated with the bearers of this name. People who have made the right choice in life receive security from this, because the mythological essence of this name will be played in their lives. It is not safe to name a child by the name of a desecrated historical character.

Great importance has always been attached to names and surnames. The formation of character, as well as the fate of a person, determines the essence or meaning of his name and surname, which is confirmed by research by scientists and psychologists. This fact has been known to people since ancient times, when names (for example, biblical names ), nicknames and surnames were given depending on the skills and talents of a person, and only then - boys and girls were called in a certain way in order to influence their character and fate.

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